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Safety Technology

There are many advantages to using our products in safety technology. For one thing, we have the right products for any system size. In addition, these products provide functions that enable Safe Link between AS-i networks and optimal linking to the controller regardless of which fieldbus system is used.

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Benefits of AS-Interface

AS-i Safety at Work beats other solutions by far

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All of our components/systems satisfy the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and are easy to integrate into your documentation/calculation using readily available devices of the Sistema library.

Conventional wiring                         Wiring with AS-i

Standard signals, safety signals and power supply

  • Less wiring work
  • Better overview of the system

  • All over just one cable


    Piercing technology

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    • 2 wires, unshielded and not twisted
    • Data and power on a 2-wire cable
    • Simple assembly by using piercing technology

    Med feltbusgrænseflade

    Gateways med integreret sikkerhedsmonitor.

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    • Optimal PLC connection via fieldbus
    • All diagnostic data in the controller
    • Safety and standard signals
    • Up to 62 safe modules per device
    • Safe sensors of many providers with AS-i connectable
    • Low installation costs for additional modules



    Sikker kobling

    Gateways med sikker tværkommunikation.

    Safe controller, compact safety controller
    programmable safety components, safety controller


    Safety Basic Monitor

    • Configurable via PC software
    • USB or Ethernet interface for configuration
    • Ethernet interface for remote diagnostics and Safe Link
    • Release protocol for the safety technology
    • 2 safe electronic outputs onboard
    • 4 × 2-channel safe inputs can be used as standard inputs and status outputs
    • Standstill/speed monitor
    • Chip card for easy device exchange
    • 22.5 mm installation width
    • Expandable via unshielded, 2-conductor cable

    Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor

    • Stand-alone: 12 terminals of the integrated Safety Monitor freely configurable, e.g.:
      • as 6 safe outputs plus 3 safe 2-channel inputs, or
      • as 6 safe 2-channel inputs, or
      • as standard I/Os, or
      • as any combination of thereof
    • Expandable: up to 62 safe or 496 standard I/Os (Or a combination of them)
    • For use in compact or widely distributed systems
    • AS-i Power 24V-capable for use in compact systems: no additional AS-i power supply needed
    • Enhanced diagnostics capability, such as duplicate address detection, integrated earth fault and EMC monitor

    Safe Communication

    Safe Link either over diagnostic or fieldbus interface

    For applications that work with traditional fieldbuses, the exchange of safe information runs over the Ethernet diagnostics interface of the AS-i Gateways with integrated safety monitor.

    When an industrial Ethernet derivative is being used as the fieldbus, the AS-i networks can when desired be coupled over the fieldbus interface of the Gateways and communication takes place over the already existing Ethernet network.

    Safety Gateways for the combination with a Safety PLC (F-CPU)

    Safety Gateways without Safety PLC with fieldbus connection for the safe control of drives

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    Examples for Safety PLCs:

    Connection Options

    IP20, 22,5 mm

    • 8 × 2-channel inputs, 1 (2) outputs
    • 4 × 2-channel inputs, 2 (4) outputs
    • 1 × 2-channel inputs, 1 (2) outputs
    • 2 × 2-channel inputs
    • 1 × 2-channel inputs

    For floating, electronic, antivalent, 1-channel, 2-channel contacts.

    IP67, 45 mm

    • For floating contacts
    • For electronic contacts
    • 1 × 2-channel input
    • 2 × 2-channel inputs


    For floating, electronic, antivalent, 1-channel, 2-channel contacts

    Door switch
    E-STOP button module
    Light barrier
    Laser scanner
    Safety mat

    Speed Monitor

    • For HTL, sine/cosine, SSI or standard sensors
    • Safe speed monitoring
    • Safe area monitoring
    • Safe stop
    • Safe speed range
    • Safe direction
    • Safe limited acceleration

    Safe Analog Values

    • 2 × 4 ... 20 mA
    • 2 × 0 ... 10 V
    • 2 × Pt100

    Integrated Modules

    E-STOP button modules

    There is a wide range of AS-i capable safety switches available from many manufacturers for the various safety applications including door locks, interlocks, door handle actuators, safety switches for rotatable protective devices, position switches, safe sensors, emergency pull-wire switches, E-STOP button modules, safety light barriers, safety light grids, safety light curtains, foot switches, key switches, etc.


    Our strength

    Diagnostic options

    • Instant diagnostics via display
    • Detailed diagnostics and history of each state available via display, via fieldbus or via software
    • All states can be read via fieldbus without additional effort
    Instant Diagnostics
    Current swich positions

    Safe Link diagnostics

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    • Simple and intuitive diagnostic and configuration software
    • Switch-off history
    • Configuration of I/O modules and speed monitors
    • Integrated simulation function
    • Integrated documentation function
    • Online diagnostics
    • Remote maintenance

    Safe coupling Safe Link from Bihl+Wiedemann

    Safe Link is a technology in the Gateways with integrated Safety Monitors and the Safety Basic Monitors with Ethernet interface. It allows safety controllers to be connected to each other simply, efficiently and with the greatest possible flexibility. Learn more about it in the following articles:

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