ASi-5 Applications Reports

ASi-5 has long proven itself in practice. Many large companies rely on the latest innovation level of AS-Interface. A large number of users opt for ASi-5 in order to reduce their expenditure. The individual reasons for using AS-Interface can vary greatly. In the following examples, some users explain why they have opted for ASi-5.

ASi-5 makes picking system unique

SAFELOG GmbH develops modern and intuitive picking systems, in particular pick-by-light and put-to-light technologies. These improve picking performance and minimize errors. The ASi-5 communication technology, which connects the controller and touch screen with a two-wire profile cable, makes this possible. It is used in the "Factory 56" at Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen.

has been implementing ASi and will now integrate ASi-5

SEW-EURODRIVE uses ASi in its MOVI-C® modular automation system and integrates ASi-5 into its automation products. The leading international drive technology and automation specialist benefits from the simple, safe profile cable with penetration technology, which makes it easy to connect, replace, move and add stations.

Automated package sorting with ASi-5

Sorting 1800 cartons in an hour, for example for onward transportation by parcel services to the right car, requires either a considerable number of people - or a flexible and cost-efficient intralogistics solution such as the RIELEC Fit Sorter parcel sorter, which relies on ASi-5 and ASi Safety from Bihl+Wiedemann.

ASi-5 at SPAX:
(Future-) Safe solutions

SPAX, the world's leading manufacturer of screws and fastening technology, focuses on durability, safety, quality and user-friendliness. SPAX's in-house mechanical engineering department chose ASi-5 solutions in collaboration with Bihl+Wiedemann to maintain and renew the machines, especially presses and rollers.

Stacker crane from Klinkhammer:
Moving safely through the aisles

ASi-5 and ASi-3 are intralogistics standards for drive solutions. Safety technology from Bihl+Wiedemann enables the safe control and monitoring of conveyor lines up to SIL3/PLe as well as efficient safety applications for stacker cranes in automated high-bay warehouses. This was successfully demonstrated with Klinkhammer.