Din vej til Bihl+Wiedemann

Bihl+Wiedemann Nordic ApS
Gydevang 39-41
DK - 3450 Allerød

Telefon.: (+ 45) 70 27 60 20
Fax: (+ 45) 70 27 60 21


E-Mail: mail@bihl-wiedemann.dk

Internet: www.bihl-wiedemann.dk

Route description

You best reach us by taking the autobahn A6 leaving it at roadcrossing "Mannheim" choosing direction "Mannheim". Drive at the very right and leave the feeder road in about 1000 m in direction to "Ludwigshafen, Mannheim-Neckarau." After a long right turn you reach the B38 where you have to get to the left side because this road splits soon with the two driveways at the right side leading to wrong directions.


Leave this road at the exit "MA-Neckarau, Gewerbegebiet Mallau" and turn right when reaching the first trafficlight (direction: "Mannheim-Neckarau"). Drive straight on past a second trafficlight (directly at the shop "Media Markt"). After appr. 500m you see at the right roadside a great parking lot - opposite the filling station "Metro". Directly after the car park drive into the entrance Floßwörthstr. 41 and drive the ramp down beside the building. From this second parking lot a further ramp guides to the Bihl+Wiedemann's customer parking lots. The entrance to the company is at the end of the building directly beside the parking lots.