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ASi-5 - Automation reinvented.

Your path into the digital future

ASi-5 is the latest innovation stage of AS-Interface (ASi), a globally standardised fieldbus system for the first automation level. ASi connects sensors and actuators with a controller via a single two-core flat cable. The yellow ASi cable transmits power and data at the same time.


The proven main benefits of ASi are, among others, dramatically less wiring, free choice of topology and cost-efficient integration of safety on the same infrastructure. In addition, compared to other fieldbus systems, ASi needs no connectors for data and power integration.

ASi-5 - Great data bandwidth, short cycle times

ASi-5 now enables you to transmit larger data volumes significantly faster. Great data bandwidth and short cycle times allow for many new possibilities with AS-Interface. For example, ASi-5 now transmits analogue values much faster and it is easier than ever to integrate smart sensors, e.g., IO-Link sensors with up to 32 bytes.


Provides valuable information

More than anything, Industry 4.0 and increasing digitalization require a good data layer. As they supply additional data, smart sensors are becoming more and more important. This makes ASi-5 a key building block for your journey to the digital future, because there was one prevailing reason for evolving AS-Interface: being able to transport more and more data, without restrictions, to where they can yield valuable information. Using the integrated OPC UA servers of our ASi-5/ASi-3 gateways, you can even do this directly and in parallel with the fieldbus.


An affordable alternative

Another benefit of the significantly higher performance: Our new ASi-5 modules enable the cost-efficient and fast collection of numerous inputs and outputs in one place, making the modules an affordable alternative to other fieldbus solutions.


More about AS-Interface

ASi-5 Launch

Jochen Bihl talks about ASi-5, the new innovating step in AS-Interface. He explains how users can profit from shorter cycle times and greater data bandwidth – and how easy it is to use ASi-5 and ASi-3 together.


Video length: 2:25

Compatible with all ASi generations

ASi-5 is compatible with all earlier ASi devices and components. Therefore, you can easily use ASi-5 slaves together with ASi slaves of any previous generation – in existing as well as in new ASi networks because all ASi generations work in parallel on the same cable.


If you already use ASi there is no need to replace existing ASi slaves. Simply connect additional ASi-5 slaves, for example in system sections with additional demands on speed, data volume or I/O density.


To use ASi-5 slaves all you need is a Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5/ASi-3 gateway. For the ASi-5 launch, this gateway is available in two variants: for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. Both gateways have a double master and an integrated safety monitor. The OPC UA server, which is also integrated with both variants, makes it possible to easily transmit data directly from the field level to Industry 4.0 applications.


Without ASi-5 slaves, the new ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateways work exactly as earlier Bihl+Wiedemann gateways because the ASi-3 part remains unchanged. Using our new gateways you can easily replace existing gateways.


By the way, compatibility has been an AS-Interface trade mark for over 20 years. This protects not just your investments but each new ASi generation also makes you more future-proof.

ASi-5 – Your advantages at a glance

Benefit from all well-proven ASi strengths...

  • Transmit data and power in a single two-core flat cable
  • Freely choose your topology without costly switches (tree, ring, star, line)
  • Cost-efficiently integrate safety on the same infrastructure
  • Easily install and expand your system using ASi piercing technology
  • Certified products for manufacturer-independent compatibility
  • Affordable noise-resistant system that does not require shielding


…and from the new powerful ASi-5

  • 1.27ms cycle time for up to 384 input and 384 output bits
  • 16-bit I/O data and profiles with up to 32 bytes of process data for each slave
  • Easily integrate smart IO-Link sensors
  • ASi-5 is compatible with all earlier ASi generations for combined use of different ASi slaves
  • ASi safety and ASi-5 easily work together
  • Highly economical because of reduced costs per input / output
  • Advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance

Bihl+Wiedemann’s ASi-5 products

Here you can find the currently available Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5 products. We never stop developing: Step by step, more gateways will be available, for other fieldbuses and many new ASi-5 modules.

ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway

  • Compatible with existing networks
  • 1.27 ms cycle time for up to 384 input and 384 output bits
  • Most powerful platform by Bihl+Wiedemann
  • ASi Safety integrated
  • Safe fieldbus protocol
  • CIP Safety via EtherNet/IP (BWU3857)
  • PROFIsafe via PROFINET (BWU3674)

ASi-5 Digital Module

ASi network with ASi-5 and ASi-3 products

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FAQs about ASi-5

No. ASi-5 is the evolution of the well-proven AS-Interface standard. ASi-5 offers all the advantages that have already made ASi so special in the past. For example, power and data are still transmitted over a single cable, you have free choice of your topology and the safety technology is still on the same infrastructure. The main reason for evolving ASi was the fact that Industry 4.0 and increasing digitalization brings with it ever greater volumes of data. ASi-5 has both a large data size and short cycle times, making it possible to transport more and more data, without restrictions, to where they can yield valuable information.

Yes. ASi-5 is compatible with all earlier ASi devices and components, meaning that ASi-5 slaves can be combined with ASi slaves of any generation—in existing as well as in new ASi networks. In an existing ASi network, you can simply connect additional new ASi-5 slaves and easily continue to use existing ASi slaves. To use ASi-5 slaves all you need is a new Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateway.

ASi-3 directly follows ASi-5. “Skipping” ASi-4 illustrates that this development step is really big. In addition, we did not want to suggest that Industry 4.0 is the sole innovation driver for the new ASi generation.

In particular for applications with high transmission speeds or high data volumes. In addition, in places where a concentrated and cost-efficient collection of a larger number of inputs and outputs is needed. In many cases, Bihl+Wiedemann’s new digital ASi-5 modules can be an affordable alternative to other fieldbus solutions.

Yes. AS-Interface remains a standard ensuring compatibility with components from any manufacturer. All certified products with an ASi logo can interoperate in a common network.

No. In principle, they can be configured without software but we always recommend the more comfortable option using our software solutions. Our software Suite enables you to easily plan, configure and parameterize ASi networks with or without safety. If you already use the software for your ASi network, all you need is a free update to be able to continue using it for ASi-5 applications. The software is as intuitive and comfortable to use as with ASi-3. An integrated hardware catalogue encompasses the complete ASi product range. All you need to do is click the device you need when configuring the ASi circuit. The new online bus information also enables you to easily address slaves and monitor inputs and outputs. This function makes it even easier to integrate IO-Link sensors.

Like all ASi generations, ASi-5 is a joint development of several manufacturers of AS-Interface products. The complete project took more than 200,000 developer hours, evolving the idea of a new ASi generation into a mature trendsetting technology. Now that the main project has been completed, the involved companies continue to work on standards and certifications for new ASi-5 products.

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