BWU4101Active Distributor ASi-5, IP67, 1 RGB/RGBW LED Stripe

Product description

Active distributor ASi-5, IP67, housing depth 35 mm, 1 output for RGB/RGBW LED stripe, output voltage/actuator supply out of AUX, periphery connection via 1 x round cables/connecting wires, cable length 0,2 m, flat design, installation in cable duct possible (installation depth ≥ 35 mm), LED, connections for 1 x ASi and 1 x AUX profile cables, ASi connection via profile cable and piercing technology, 1 ASi-5 address

To connect 1 RGB/RGBW LED Stripe with max. 255 LEDs (type ws2812b or sk6812) to ASi.

How to troubleshoot an existing ASi installation