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Bryggeriet, som just invigts i april månad 2019, är projekterat och byggt av bryggeriexperterna GEA Process Engineering A/S. Bryggeriets alla processer inkl. ASi-masters och motorer styrs överordnat av två PLC:er från Siemens via Profinet. Alla tankar, pannor och anläggningskomponenter kan kopplas samman inbördes med hjälp av ett system med 744 pneumatiskt aktiverade processventiler – som styrs av åtta ASi-masters från Bihl+Wiedemann. Till ASi-nätverket är dessutom kopplat instrument och sensorer som registrerar processdata från varje jäsningstank, som exempelvis tryck, nivå och temperatur.


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Standard analog input and output modules up to IP67

Our analog input and output modules let you control many different connected sensors and actuators, so that a variety of applications are now available.

Our analog modules can read or write analog signals. They are available in protection ratings from IP20 to IP67 for any ambient conditions.

Analog control, e.g. with:

  • 0 … 20 mA
  • 0 …10 V


Connection options for various sensors:

  • 4 ... 20 mA
  • 0 … 10 V
  • Pt100
  • Pt1000
  • Type J and Type K thermocouples
  • Balance cell controllers

Safely monitor analog signals

With our ASi Safety modules for analog inputs you can safely monitor and evaluate analog process variables such as temperature, pressure or speed. In addition to various encoders, thermocouples and temperature sensors, voltage and current values can also be monitored.


The modules safely report (up to SIL 3) whether the input signal (such as temperature or distance) is within freely configurable ranges .

Examples for safety functions

Application example: safe distance and position monitoring

Easily read signals from analog distance sensors with our analog input modules, or encoder signals using our speed monitor. Now you can simply and safely monitor and process positions, distances or speeds. The safe ranges can be easily defined using our ASIMON360 configuration software.


The illustration below show an example of safe distance and position monitoring on a driverless transport system. Safe Link can be used, for example, to safely send the result of the distance and position monitoring over WLAN to a fixed base station. In addition, the base station can send safe signals to the driverless transport system to turn it off in emergency situations.

Application example: safe speed monitoring

The Bihl+Wiedemann speed monitors provide an efficient means of safely processing encoder signals. For example you can monitor a safely reduced speed for setup mode.

Safe speed monitors for encoders:

  • Monitor up to 2 axes, up to SIL3, PLe
  • For sine/cosine, SSI, TTL or HTL-Encoder
  • Detailed diagnostics and shut-off history via software
  • Chip card for easy device exchange
  • 22.5 mm width

Devices with local safe outputs:

  • 2 safe electronic outputs
  • Support of all safety functions acc. EN 61800-5-2
  • Any number of safety functions can be implemented
    • Possibility to configure several functions or same function with different parameters for each axis
    • Max. 128 devices configurable

Other safety functions for drives acc. to EN 61800-5-2

Following are additional safety functions you can easily carry out using analog modules from Bihl+Wiedemann:

Simple configuration in ASIMON360

Using ASIMON360, the configuration software from Bihl+Wiedemann, safe analog modules can be very simply configured with graphical assistance.

Configuration made easy:

  • Drop-down for safe range selection
  • Several ranges can be defined for each module
  • Graphical assistance in configuration
  • Hardware catalog for simple module selection

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