Material Handling with ASi and Bihl+Wiedemann

ASi really shows its strengths in material handling. With the ASi Motor Modules Bihl+Wiedemann provides you the right drive solutions . Control 24V roller drives or AC drives (with or without frequency inverter) directly through ASi without an additonal controller, saving time and money in commisioning and service.


Fig. 1: Overview of the products for material handling and drive solutions from Bihl+Wiedemann.

The ASi Motor Modules offer big savings in commissioning and service time through

  • Easy integration of the motor control into the PLC


  • Control of 2 drives with only one ASi module


  • Integrated inputs for sensors


  • Optimal wiring for motors and sensors


  • Protection up to IP67


  • Easy control of start/stop, rotation direction and speed for roller drives
    and frequency inverters
  • Easy and fast mounting system

ASi Motor Modules for DC Motors in detail

  • Independent control of 2 roller drives
  • Compatible with Interroll, Itoh Denki, Rollex or other motors suitable for 24 V DC
  • Control of speed, start/stop and rotation direction
  • Up to 4 additional inputs for sensors
  • Also available with integrated UL-listed 3,5 A fuse to protect motor supply
  • Optional adjustable acceleration ramp

Fig. 2: Control of DC motors with the ASi Motor Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann

ASi Motor Modules for AC Motors in detail

  •  Control of one MOVIMOT frequency inverter (BWU2038)
    • 2 additional inputs for sensors
    • Control of speed, start/stop, rotation direction and acceleration ramp
    • Fault LED for easy diagnostics
    • Adjustable speed set-points
  • Control of up to 2 MOVI-SWITCH Motors (BWU2437, BWU2767)
    • Control of start/stop and rotation direction
    • Up to 3 inputs for sensors
    • Detection of motor fault input signal
    • Fault LED for easy diagnostics

Fig. 3: Control of AC motors with the ASi Motor Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann